Utopic Horizons

UTOPIC HORIZONS: Cinematic Geographies of Travel and Migration

Les Roberts (Unpublished PhD Thesis, Middlesex University, 2005)

Introduction (‘Trailer’)


1.1 Outline of a Discursive Field

1.2 Definitions and Typologies of Travel

1.3 The Dialectics of Movement and Fixity

1.4 A Spatial Turn

1.5 Ideational Displacements: Deterritorialised Spaces of Travel


2.1 Travel and Film: Convergent Practices

2.2 Travelling in Comfort

2.3 Ulysses’ Gaze

2.4 The Travails of Modernity: Dis/placing the Nation


3.1 Ambivalent Trajectories

3.2 (E)migration and Early Film

3.3 Journeys of Hope

3.4 Lost Horizons


4.1 Re-orientations

4.2 Non-places and Any-spaces-whatever

4.3 Zones of Arrival and Departure

4.4 Zones of Stasis

4.5 Zones of Transition


5.1 The Road Ahead

5.2 Wandering

5.3 Roads to Nowhere

5.4 Spaces of Transition

5.5 Cultivating Labours


6.1 The Filmmaker-as-traveller

6.2 Utopic Space

6.3 Cultivating Labours: Cultivating Place


Alexander The Great (O Megalexandros). Dir: Theo Angelopoulos. Greece/Italy, 1980.

Alice In The Cities (Alice in den Städten). Dir: Wim Wenders. West Germany, 1974.

America, America. Dir: Elia Kazan. US, 1963.

Arrival Of Emigrants [i.e. Immigrants], Ellis Island (Arrival of Immigrants, Ellis Island). America Mutoscope / Biograph Co. US, 1906.

Arriveé D’un Train En Gare, L’. Dir: Auguste Lumière and Louis Lumière. France, 1895.

Avventura, L’ (Adventure, The). Dir: Michelangelo Antonioni. Italy/France, 1960.

Beach, The. Dir: Danny Boyle. US, 2000.

Beekeeper, The (O Melissokomos). Dir: Theo Angelopoulos. Greece/France, 1986.

Beyond Our Dreams (Ji Xewnên Me Wêda / Passeurs de Rêves). Dir: Hiner Saleem. France/Armenia/Italy, 2000.

Bhaji On The Beach. Dir: Gurinder Chadha. UK, 1993.

Bus, The (Otobüs). Dir: Tunc Okan. Turkey, 1977.

Butterfly Kiss. Dir: Michael Winterbottom. UK, 1994.

Cannibal Tours. Dir: Dennis O’Rourke. Australia, 1987.

Canterbury Tale, A. Dir: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. UK, 1944.

Clandestins. Dir: Denis Chouinard and Nicolas Wadimoff. Switzerland/Canada/France/ Belgium, 1997.

Cold Fever (Á Köldum Klaka). Dir: Fridrik Thor Fridiksson. Iceland/Germany/Switzerland, 1994.

Crash. Dir: David Cronenberg. Canada, 1996.

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Gleaners And I, The (Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse). Dir: Agnès Varda. France, 2000.

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Immigrant, The. Dir: Charles Chaplin. US, 1917.

In This World. Dir: Michael Winterbottom. UK, 2002.

Jacquot de Nantes. Dir: Agnès Varda. France, 1990.

Jetée, La. Dir: Chris Marker. France, 1962.

Journey Down Route 66, A. Dir: Christopher Lewis. US, 1994.

Journey Of Hope (Reise der Hoffnung). Dir: Xavier Koller. Switzerland, 1990.

Journey To Kafiristan, The (Die Reise nach Kafiristan). Dir: Fosco Dubini and Donatello Dubini. Germany/Switzerland/Netherlands, 2001

Journey To The Sun (Günese Yolculuk). Dir: Yesim Ustaoglu. Turkey/Netherlands/ Germany, 2000.

Kings Of The Road (Im Lauf der Zeit). Dir: Wim Wenders. West Germany, 1976.

Lacho Drom (Safe Journey). Dir: Tony Gatlif. France, 1993.

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Wings Of Desire (Der Himmel über Berlin). Dir: Wim Wenders. West Germany/France, 1987.



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