Liminal Landscapes

LIMINAL LANDSCAPES: Travel, Experience and Spaces In-Between

Edited by Hazel Andrews and Les Roberts (Abingdon: Routledge, 2012)

  1. Hazel Andrews and Les Roberts – Introduction: Re-mapping Liminality
  2. Bjørn Thomassen – Revisiting Liminality: the Danger of Empty Spaces
  3. Emily Orley – Places Remember Events: Towards an Ethics of Encounter
  4. Emma Cocker – Border Crossings: Practices for Beating the Bounds
  5. Kevin Meethan – Walking the Edges: Towards a Visual Ethnography of Beachscapes
  6. Piret Pungas and Ester Võsu – The Dynamics of Liminality in Estonian Mires
  7. Les Roberts – The Sands of Dee: Estuarine Excursions in Liminal Space
  8. Ivan Costantino – Spinning Lhasa: Ritual Circumambulation Routes as Liminal Urbanscapes in China’s ‘Western treasure-house’
  9. Emma Fraser – Urban Exploration as Adventure Tourism: Journeying Beyond the Everyday
  10. Hazel Andrews – Another Place or Just Another Space?  Liminality and Crosby Beach
  11. Tom Selwyn – Shifting Borders and Dangerous Liminalities: The Case of Rye Bay
  12. Simon Ward – ‘Danger Zones’: The British ‘Road Movie’ and the Liminal Landscape
  13. Anita Howarth and Yasmin Ibrahim – Threat and Suffering: The Liminal Space of ‘The Jungle’
  14. Pietro Deandrea – Shards in the Landscape: The Dispersed Liminality of Contemporary Slaveries in the UK
  15. David Crouch – Afterword

"[T]he book brings to the fore new directions in the study of liminal spaces and mobility practices in contemporary societies from an interdisciplinary perspective. . . .   Apart from its variety of case-studies and innovative methodological approaches, the volume is also a rich source of references on liminality and mobility." Anthropological Notebooks  XX (1), 2014.

"Liminal Landscapes pulls together a welcomed selection of interdisciplinary texts by scholars whose disciplines vary from social anthropology to cultural geography, film, media and cultural studies, art and visual culture and tourism studies - all of whom focus on landscapes and their often liminal quality. . . .   Andrews and Roberts must be congratulated on compiling this volume of insightful and critical essays, one that cannot be ignored by students and lecturers alike." Journeys 15 (2), 2014.

"The volume offers a multidisciplinary reappraisal of “the liminal” as a geographical concept, and is a refreshing mix of contributions from scholars at different stages of their research careers. . . . The rich mix of contributions and thought-provoking questions raised makes Liminal Landscapes a highly-accessible book for those who may be unfamiliar with the concepts in discussion, while challenging those more familiar with the literature."  Transfers 3 (2), 2013. 

"The liminal has become a popular way of interpreting the experiences of travel from airports to train travel. Few give an explicit discussion of the meanings and origins of this term – this book does. To this end, [Liminal Landscapes] is a helpful addition to understanding the affective state of movement." Journal of Transport Geography 28, 2013.


"[Liminal Landscapes] reassesses coastal areas as simply sites of tourism, leisure and consumption and related ideas of the ludic, consumption and the carnivalesque and broadens the concept of liminality beyond that of tourism, migration and pilgrimage. . . . [contributors] revisit and remap the concept of liminality using more contemporary developments and theorists in the study of place, space and mobility such as de Certeau as well as develop new insights and perspectives."  Tourism Management 38, 2013.