Sites of Popular Music Heritage


Edited by Sara Cohen, Robert Knifton, Marion Leonard and Les Roberts (New York: Routledge, 2014)

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  1. Sara Cohen, Les Roberts, Robert Knifton, and Marion Leonard – Introduction: Locating Popular Music Heritage
  2. Andy Bennett – Popular Music and the ‘Problem’ of Heritage
  3. Philippe Le Guern – The Heritage Obsession: The History of Rock and Challenges of ‘Museum Mummification’. A French Perspective
  4. Brett Lashua – Mapping the Politics of ‘Race’, Place and Memory in Liverpool’s Popular Music Heritage
  5. Craig Owen Jones –  ‘Still Here?’: A Geospatial Survey of Welsh-Language Popular Music
  6. Jez Collins and Paul Long – ‘Fillin’ in Any Blanks I Can’: Online Archival Practice and Virtual Sites of Musical Memory
  7. Michelle Henning and Rehan Hyder – Locating the ‘Bristol Sound’: Archiving Music as Everyday Life
  8. Sarah Baker And Alison Huber – Saving ‘Rubbish’: Preserving Popular Music’s Material Culture in Amateur Archives and Museums
  9. Deborah M. Withers – Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Women’s Liberation Music Archive
  10. Kenneth Forbes – ‘You Had to Be There’: Memories of the Glasgow Apollo Audience
  11. Marion Leonard and Robert Knifton – Engaging Nostalgia: Popular Music and Memory in Museums
  12. Timothy J. Dowd – The Remembering: Heritage-Work at US Progressive-Rock Festivals, 1983 to 2012
  13. John V. Ward – Pilgrimage, Place, and Preservation: The Real and Imagined Geography of the Grateful Dead in Song, on Tour, and in Cyberspace
  14. Alex Lawrey – Putting the Psycho in Psychogeography: Tom Vague’s Musical Mapping of Notting Hill
  15. Les Roberts and Sara Cohen – Unveiling Memory: Blue Plaques as In/tangible Markers of Popular Music Heritage
  16. Mark Duffett – Why I Didn’t Go Down to the Delta: The Cultural Politics of Blues Tourism

"As the first music-related publication examining this topic, Sites of Popular Music Heritage is a welcome addition and a unique contribution to the ongoing debate of popular music heritage in contemporary (ethno)musicological scholarship, and a considerable editorial achievement of selecting the thematically appropriate papers through the symposium from which this book stems." Ethnomusicology Forum 24 (3), 2015.

"Sites of Popular Music Heritage purveys a many-sided profile of musical heritage work and its operational environment. As is the case with all edited volumes, some of the chapters are more analytical and some more descriptive, but I found even the most casual ones in the collection entertaining… the virtues of the collection reside in exhibiting the multiplicity of dimensions of heritage work." Journal of World Popular Music 4 (1), 2017.