Poetic-inductive Interventions

POETIC-INDUCTIVE INTERVENTIONS: Essays in Space, Movement and Method 

Les Roberts (in progress, 2025)

    Chapter Outline/Contents (provisional)                                                                                                                

    Paths Towards a Clearing (A Field in England)

    Outline of a Spatial Poetics of Movement and Method

    An Inductive Phenomenology of the Travel Image

    Ffynnon Eulo (A Deep Map) 

    Methodological Nothingness, or, the Spatial Anthropology of Futility

    Lockdown Glimpsed through Lache Eyes

    The Cestrian Book of the Dead Revisited

    Blown East of the River Nile

    Paths Away From a Clearing (A Field in England)

    Poetry is a space – a vertically dynamized space which expands and invigorates everyone and everything in the direction of height. No one can enter it without becoming part of an upward movement, an ascension. No one can live in it without hearing the whispered invitation: “The day is come, and thou wilt fly with me”

    Gaston Bachelard

    (Air and Dreams: An Essay On the Imagination of Movement, 1988: 45)

    Poetic-inductive Interventions is a  work-in-progress which I started writing in February 2024.

    An earlier sketch of ideas that have led to the development of the book can be found here.