Spatial Bricolage

SPATIAL BRICOLAGE: Methodological Eclecticism & the Poetics of 'Making Do' 

Special issue of Humanities

Edited by Les Roberts (2017/18)

This open-access Humanities special issue draws together scholarship gleaned from the interdisciplinary fields of spatial anthropology and spatial humanities. Provisionally organised around the idea of the researcher-as-bricoleur, the aim of the special issue has been to explore the idea of 'spatial bricolage' as an interdisciplinary, or 'undisciplined' nexus of spatial practices and on-the-fly methods designed to variously map, invoke, contest, or simply allow immersion in an idea, materiality or affect of space.

Keywords: spatial anthropology; deep mapping; bricolage; autoethnography; gleaning; performance; non-representational methods; psychogeography; interdisciplinarity


'Spatial Bricolage: The Art of Poetically Making Do', Les Roberts -

'The Question of Space: A Review Essay', Les Roberts -

'Gleaning and Dreaming on Car Park Beach', Jo Croft -

'A Year in the Life of a Public Park: Route-Making, Vigilance and Sampling Time Whilst Walking', Wayne Medford -

'bricolage, poetics, spacing', David Crouch -

'Soundwalking: Deep Listening and Spatio-Temporal Montage', Andrew Brown -

'Improvised Performances: Urban Ethnography and the Creative Tactics of Montreal’s Metro Buskers', Nick Wees -

'Two Walks with Objects', Phil Smith -

'Assembling the Assemblage: Developing Schizocartography in Support of an Urban Semiology', Tina Richardson -